Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Signing Day is here.....

For some people in early February, they get excited for Punxatawney Phil. Goundhog Day is such a great event for some that they actually made a movie surrounding it.

For others, that Christmas in February feeling revolves around National Signing Day, where grown men will live and die with the decision that some 18 year old is making to attend college. For the Recruiniks who follow this stuff year round, they live for this.

For the uninformed, some signing day rituals usually include grown men sitting at their computer all day constantly hitting the refesh button to get updates of the young men who have agreed to play football at their school. I bet the Gross Demestic Product for some states, especially in the South, drops by several points. Another tradition is hearing how great all of Georgia's recruits are, but yet no one can understand why they can only beat Florida once a decade or so with said recruits. Last and certainly not least, we'll be sure to hear how great the Notre Dame recruiting class is, a top 10 class for sure, but yet we'll see them stuck in mediocrity, losing to football powers Connecticut and Navy over the next four years and ask, what happened?

Much like the NFL Darft, this is an inexact schience. The reality is that the majority of these kids, usually 50% at each school, never pan out due to injuries, grades, lack of playing time or maybe they just aren't as good as advertised. But we never really hear about the ones who don't make it, just the success stories. Alabama's national championship team only had 13 seniors, the majority of which were not highly recruited. Star cornerback Javier Arenas only had offers from Florida International and Alabama. I guess he chose wisely.

Other parts of the country will pay this signing day fiasco little or no attention, and thats fine too. You never know who is going to pan out into a future star.

On a side note, congrats to my SEHS basketball players Rodney Davis and Terry Fuller who are planning on signing letters of intent tomorrow to play college football with the schools of their choice. Good luck men!

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