Monday, June 7, 2010

what we learned after two games...

Celtics vs Lakers is tied at 1-1. Several questions have been answered to this point, but many still remain unanswered. This is what we learned so far.

1. Officiating has been terrible. Now, the national media is all over Kobe Bryant and his 5 fouls, but yet their is no mention that Ray Allen played less then 20 minutes in Game 1 due to fould trouble. Add into this equation that every Celtic big man had 3 fouls last night in the first half, Doc Rivers was using patch work line ups to keep it close. LA shot an astounding 37 free throws to Boston's 14 through 3 quarters last night, and yet the C's still won.

2. Ray Allen is a bad man. He's 34 and jump shooters aren't supposed to have this long of a shelf life, but considering in how great of shape Allen is in, he could be a legit threat for another 3 years in this league.

3. Gasol and Bynum are dominating Garnett. Gasol is having his way, but if you're a C's fan, the silver lining is Garnett has not played well yet. Of course, when you get 2 fouls in 2 minutes, its hard to establish yourself. In the 4 possessions KG was in to start the game, he had 2 points and 2 assists.

4. I still have no idea who wins this series. I picked Boston in 7 and don't really believe they can win 3 straight vs LA at home (Pistons turned the trick in '04). LA has looked like the better team at times, but the Celtics haven't hit on all cylanders yet. If Boston wins game 3, I could see them getting momentum and taking this thing at home, but its doubful that will happen. 30 NBA Finals series have been tied at 1-1, the winner of Game 3 has won the series 28/30.

5. Laker fans have to beleive it took a record setting peroformance by Ray Allen and a Rondo triple double just for the C's to win. In that equation, LA should be favored to win this thing.

Prediction: Boston wins 2 of 3 at home, LA wins game 6 creating a toss up in Game 7.

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