Thursday, February 24, 2011

How is it going to end????

Its a great question, meaning how is this season going to end for the Crimson Tide hoops squad? Numerous possibilities exist after the late night dramtics of "stealing" a win at home against the lowly AllBarn Tigers.

Last nights game set offensive basketball back by 500 years, it was as ugly a game as I've ever seen in person. No flow, no continuity, 200 free throws, but in the end, Alabama found a way to win despite making only 11 shots from the field, and suffering through what amounted to 17 minutes of basketball where they scored a combined 5 points between the first 8 1/2 minutes of each half!

So with 3 games to play, what are the Tide's options for finishing the 2010-11 campaign?

A) Win 2 of its final 3 games, with 1 of those wins being at Florida.
** This of course is the best option because it would give Alabama the outright SEC championship, something that hasn't happened since 2002. when Antoine Pettway beat Florida. There is no way the NCAA would keep the regular season, 13-3 SEC Champions out of the tournament**

B) Win 2 of its final 3 games, with the loss coming at Florida.
**Things get a little dicey, but if they finish as co-champs somehow, I still think a 13-3 Tide gets in, but they may need a win in the SEC Tournament**

C) Win 1 of its final 3 games, beating only Georgia
** With so little margin for error, its hard to beleive a 12-4 Tide would get left out, but its a real possibility. They will almost certainly need to beat UGA or Kentucky in the 2nd round of the SEC Tournmanet to secure a bid**

D) Losing all 3 and dropping its first game in the SEC Tournament
**Doomsday scenario, but say Hello to the NIT.

At the end of the day, Alabama needs to win 2 of its next 3 to be safe, that will give them atleast 1 road win and a win over another top 50 opponent (UGA or FLorida). If this season should end with an NIT bid, it would be disappointing at this point, but Alabama has been a fun and exciting team to watch for the first time in years. They play hard, know their limitations, but still are only 8 points away from being unbeaten in SEC play! Its been a fun ride for the Tide and hopefully it will continue once the calander flips to March.

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