Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holy Cow, Cubs Win, Cubs Win!!!

They said this day would never come. Some thought it might mark the end of the world. But if Auburn can win a national championship (for the time being), why can't the 5/6 year old Millbrook Cubs win a game??? They were so close the week before, losing 6-5 to the Red Sox in a game filled with controversial calls and rulings.

But the unthinkable happened Tuesday night in Millbrook as the stars in this universe alligned just right. The team that could not scratch the win column defeated the Mets 10-0 just a few weeks after getting manhandled by the the Mets on opening day.

Things started off beautifully for the Cubbies as Tyler Bullard and Luke Young led off the game with back to back singles. Then following an Earl Weaver prescription, the Cubs dialed up a 3 run homer off the bat of Kal Ingram to race to the 3-0 lead.

The offensive onslaught coninued when Cole Drummond and Hunter Atkins reached base and the score worked itself to 5-0. But the damage was not done yet as the Cubs loaded the bases. In so many instances the Cubs could never get that big hit to break a game open as they have struggled with runners in scoring position. But this time, the order worked its way back to the top and Tyler Bullard cleared the bases with a grand salami enroute to a 9-0 lead.

A stifling defense continued to blank the dreaded Mets and the Cubs would add another run to win 10-0, thus breaking the longest lsoing streak in the MYDBL. Thankfully, the 10 run rule was invoked just before the power outage occurred at the MYDBL fields. Rumor on the street is that a car accident caused a power outage but I think it was the offensive explosion by the Cubbies that blew that transformer. Maybe the Cubs are poised to make a run in the 2nd half of the season after the Easter Break, time will tell.

But if you're a gambling man, Tuesday was the night for you. You should have played the lottery because you would have won, gone in all in at the Blackjack Table or bet it all on red. If not, you missed your chance. 20 years from now, people will ask where you were when this event happened, will you remember where you were you heard, "Cubs Win, Cubs Win?"

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