Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saturday in Reverse....Week 1

Christmas in September finally arrived so its time rewind the week that was.

By far the most impressive team was LSU. The physicality's and size of the Tigers simply manhandled Oregon. Coming in a close second was Boise State embarrassing Georgia in Atlanta. Boise was bigger, stronger, faster, tougher and of course more disciplined then UGA. Both teams would get my top two slots if I had a poll vote.

As for the SEC, terrible day and looks to be down compared to the supremacy they displayed in recent years. The Mark Richt era, short of a circle the wagons moment vs South Carolina, will end UGAly. UGA is 20-16 since another hideous uniform moment, the Black out of 2008.

Ole Miss self destructed against BYU in Oxford. Houston had too many problems to dissect at this moment. Kentucky looked horrible on Thursday night against Western Kentucky.

And then there is Auburn, who somehow pulled out a miracle against, ahem, Utah State. I guess the Family wasn't All In because they were headed for the exits in droves yesterday. Great start by the BCS champs. Maybe they can get to six wins and go to the BBVA Compass Bank Bowl at Legion Field and play, oh I don't know, Notre Dame.

So what about Notre Dame, are they back yet??? Now these Irish eyes are staring down the barrel of an 0-3 start. Wake up the Echos my friends.

Another team that needs work, Alabama. If they can't run the ball consistently against a Kent State, it will be a struggle for them to score as 4 INT's were totally unacceptable. Expect a dogfight in Happy Valley/University Park/State College/Mount Nittany and any other name you can come up with for the geographical center of a land grant university that is in the middle of the Keystone State.

Game I'm looking forward to the most is the train wrecks that are UCLA vs USC. Why does Kiffin insist on going for 2 and make things closer then need be all the time while UCLA got worked over by Houston.

Most impressive teams from Thursday night. Mississippi State, Wisconsin and Temple. MSU's season will be decided in the next two weeks, Russel Wilson brings an added dimension to Madison and this could be the year the Owls finally beat Penn State, but they must keep Benard Pierce healthy.

Did Texas win yesterday, were they on TV??? Just wondering???

Duke, Indiana and Oregon State, we didn't forget about you, with those memorable performances against Richmond, Ball State and Sacramento State.

Iowa State, Washington and Kansas State, we see you barely escaped against inferior competition.

Looks like we're headed to the 16 team super conferences. More on that in the days to come....

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