Monday, March 12, 2012

'Bama goes dancing for first time since 2006

Even though its a very difficult draw, Alabama will be headed to the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2006, when they were a Ronald Steele missed 3 pointer away from defeating UCLA and going to the Sweet 16.

Before the 2011-12 campaign, it seemed a given that Alabama would be headed back to the dance, but as things developed during the season, it looked as if what once considered a lock on a berth was going to evaporate into thin air.

But despite the shortcomings, suspensions, etc., Anthony Grant was able to keep this Crimson Ship from sailing off the edge and fight their way into the Field. As a result, Grant has established a new standard for having discipline and still achieving success on the court.

It bolds well for the future of his program, as the Tide only has one senior on the team and unlike Kentucky, they aren't renting players but instead are developing them.

As for the games, the Tide has a tough draw against Creighton, a team that has been ranked in the top 15 for much of the season. They have one of the better scoring offenses in the country, but one of the worst defenses. Alabama, by contrast, is just the opposite. A win on Friday would pit the Tide against North Carolina on Sunday.

So their is nothing easy about this trek, but considering its been 6 years since its last appearance, the Tide will take whatever seed/opponent that are given to them. Besides, the last time 'Bama was in a 8/9 games, Antoine Pettway his a game winning shot, the Tide upset #1 Stanford in Round 2, defeated defending national champ Syracuse in the Sweet 16 advancing to the Elite 8. Se we shall see what happens this time.

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