Sunday, March 6, 2011

NIT bound????

After Alabama's season ending 65-57 win over the Georgia Bulldogs, culminating a 16-0 season in Coleman Coliseum, 2nd year Tide Coach Anthony Grant took the microphone to thank the Crimson Clad fan base for their support during the season, which included 6 sell outs in the last 7 home games.

As a result, Alabama is trying to play themselves back into the NCAA tournament after suffering road losses in Oxford and Gainesville earlier in the week. With Florida's dismantling of Vanderbilt in Nashville, the Tide finished second in the SEC despite a 12-4 record to the 13-3 Gators. Depending on who you listen too, some say the Tide is "in" while others say they have no shot or have to do some work in the SEC Tournament. The lost week in the US Virgin Islands that saw Alabama fall to Seton Hall (who beat Marquette yesterday), Iowa (who beat Purdue yesterday) and St. Peter's could ultimately damage this team, or could be chalked up to just a bad week. Of course, Alabama played without Andrew Steele, who is not a superstar by any means like his brother Ronald, but is a major fixture in this teams success. Jaymichael Green was also suspended for several games, which might of included road trips at Purdue Oklahoma State or Providence, but I can't remeber which games he exactly missed. It will be interesting to see if these items are taken into account.

Personally, I believe Alabama has to win atleast 1 if not 2 games in Atlanta to make it to the NCAA Tournament, which would have them beating either UGA, Tennessee or Auburn on Friday and then facing Kentucky on Semi Final Saturday.

But whatever happens from this point on, you have to live with it. I will take 12-4 in SEC play and an undefeated home season every year. An NIT bid will not be a bad thing because the Tide would probably be a 1 seed and get 3 straight home games if they could advance on the way to New York. Seeing more Tide hoops in person at Coleman would be a decent consolation prize.

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