Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What kind of team will show up?

Less then 48 hours from the disappointment that was Selection Sunday, Anthony Grant's Alabama Basketball team will play host to the Coastal Carolina Catamounts, a team that won their conference but only has 8 players due to NCAA issues. I'm shocked that a Cliff Ellis run program would ever find itself in trouble with the NCAA.

The big question is what kind of Alabama team is going to show up? A bitterly disappointed, uninspired bunch that can be beaten or will it be the tough hard nosed team thats held opponents to under 60 points a game and finished 16-0 at Coleman Coliseum?

(Just for the record, I did not have a probelm with Alabama missing the tournament, that was until Georgia popped up on the screen as a 10 seed. Basically the last 6 days of the season and head to head competition did not matter this year. The NCAA is saying that UGA must of been a 6/7 seed until they coughed up two games to the Tide in 6 days? As for U Ain't Bama, VCU, USC and Clempson, combined they have the same amount of top 50 wins as the Tide, which is 4!)

One thing that Anthony Grant's team has shown is that they're a resilent bunch, fighting back from a bad trip in November, to finding ways to gut out comeback wins vs Auburn and recovering from a bad 15 minutes of baskeball vs Florida and coming back to beat UGA. So expect Alabama to come out and win this game tonight, but it may not be easy and the Tide can certainly be beaten.

But life isn't about how many times you get knocked down, its about how many times you can knocked and and get back up to fight again. Thats what is facing Alabama tonight.

As for me, I will be unable to attend tonight's contest due to a prior work commitment, the first home game I've missed in 6 weeks. It will be interesting to see what kind of crowd is there because students are away on Spring Break and its an early tip-off at 6 PM local time.

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