Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Its only January, but 'Bama may have wrapped up NIT Bid in Columbia...

Unlike the mole that used to be on Cindy Crawford's face, Alabama's loss to winless in the SEC South Carolina cannot be removed and is gonna stick out on its resume come Selection Sunday. Of course, thats if Alabama can somehow manage to win 8-9 of their remaining 12 SEC games, which is a big if at this point, to even make Selection Sunday matter.

The other USC outworked Alabama on the glass Wednesday night, creating 2nd and 3rd chances, coupled in with tons of unforced turnovers on offense, leading to the dismal display in Columbia.

Now the Tide, after having reached as high as #12 in the rankings, is suddenly sitting on a 4 game losing streak and an unimpressive 13-7 record. Unlike last season, when 'Bama seemed to win every close game, the Tide has faltered down the stretch against Georgetown, Kansas State, Miss State and South Carolina. They were manhandled by Dayton and Vanderbilt and could not cash in on their opportunities to win at Kentucky.

The last minute of the game was a microcosm of 'Bama's problems, from not playing for a quick two for one opportunity to then not calling a time out when the offense broke down that led to a turnover and no shot at the basket. Couple with miss using the fouls they had to give, a defensive break down that looked like Moses had parted the Seas led to a 2 point USC win.

Alabama still has the ability to good things, but right now that all looks like a very long shot. Now Arkansas comes to T-Town on Saturday as two must win home games are on the docket, and its still only January.

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