Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Day....Please Give it Back to me!!!!

Where did you go New Year's Day??? Why have you left me after all these years???

Please tell me this is just a Mayan made up scheme since its 2012, but where is my Rose Bowl Parade on 3 channels??? Where is the Mummer's Parade walking through the city of Brotherly Love?? Where is Keith Jackson, Brent Mussberger and Vern Lundquist at???

Instead I'm subjected to Dan Dierdorf and Greg Gumbel at a half empty Jets/Dolphins game or Joe Buck and Troy Aikman having a man crush on Cam Newton! This is not the New Year's Day we all know and love.

I understand the BCS caused alot of this, moving games to different nights and so on, but at least I had that afternoon of 3-4 dueling games prior to the Rose Bowl, flipping back and forth eating pork and sauerkraut with hot dogs, but now all I get is NFL and an emptiness wanting my youth back???

This is not the New Year's Day I've lived with for 38 years. I want the Fiesta Bowl noon kick off on NBC, the Citrus Bowl on ABC and the Cotton Bowl, bad weather and all, on CBS. Give the afternoon slot as the sun sets to the Rose Bowl and cap it off with dueling contests between the Sugar and Orange Bowls and force all men to watch one halftime show a year because the wives, girlfriends, grandmothers just loved the Orange Bowl halftime show. Where did you go, why did you disappear???

I want to see Ohio State lose to another SEC team, Dan Marino to lead Pitt to Sugar, Cotton and Fiesta Bowl games and for Joe Paterno to shut down Heisman winner Herschal Walker.

I want to see Boomer Schooner get a 15 yard penalty and cost Oklahoma a game vs Washington, Jamelle Holloway to run the wishbone, the Hurricanes to show up in Fatigues.

I want to see Deaion Sanders stuff out an Auburn rally, Pat Dye to kick a field goal and go for the tie vs Syracuse and for Bo Schemblechler to slam down his headphones.

I want to see Miami get 200 yards in penalties vs Texas in the Cotton Bowl, shoot guns off after they score a touchdown and for George Teague to strip Lamar Thomas on a play that didn't even count.

I want to see Corey Schlesinger stumble through the Orange Bowl turf to paydirt, Tommie Frazier to run through every Gator on the field and for Tom Osborne to go for two.

I want to see Northwestern to make it to Pasadena, Florida State to make their field goal vs Nebraska and Sherman Williams to dance through the Ohio State secondary.

I want to see Jamie Christenson kick the worst looking game winning field goal ever, Iowa to complete a Hail Mary and for drunk LSU fans to terrorize Notre Dame & Illinois fans in New Orleans.

I want to see Georgia comeback against Purdue, for Steve Spurrier to dominate rematches and Ron Dayne run through a Pac 10 defense.

I want those good times and memories back and new ones to be created to take their place, on New Year's Day. Where did you New Year's Day, I want you to comeback, be important again, not just any other Sunday or day on the calender. Please!!!

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