Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My charmed sports weekend.....

Who knew, really what was about to transform. If someone would have told me this past weekend all of this would have happened for my athletic teams, I'd have called you a fool.

But guess what, it did occur and now being the sports enthusiast I am, its almost unfathomable that this took place.

Let's recount the past 5 days...

Thursday night, my CCHS basketball team I coach, opened the season with a 19 point win. Kind of saw this coming but didn't expect to win by such a large number.

The Alabama and Temple basketball teams each won in resounding fashion potentially setting up championship match on Sunday (more in a second).

Friday-Only negative of the weekend happened when Temple fell to Purdue, but at some point Alabama or Temple had to lose a game if they were both playing in the same pre season tournament in Peurto Rico, so the negative turns into a positive because Temple and Alabama actually didn't face off.

While watching Alabama put away a pesky Wichita State team, who could have guessed that Iowa State would pull off their own shocker, no pun intended, thus bumping Oklahoma State, out from the #2 spot in the BCS Standings. So Alabama football had a win just moments after the basketball win.

Bonus pick-my alma mater Columbia High gets ta 42-0 win in the District Playoffs and heads to the District 3 Championship game.

Saturday- fun times as I get to take my middle two children to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama-Ga. Southern game. In the process of the 'Bama win, Temple rolls past Army to clinch a 3rd straight winning season in football. Unreal that has been accomplished in North Philadelphia.

The fun didn't stop there as Alabama football received two more wins on the day with USC's upset of Oregon and Baylor's upset of Oklahoma, pushing us closer and closer to a rematch with LSU. So the Tide gets 4 wins in the span of 24 hours... nice.

Sunday- The always lovable Detroit Lions start the day rallying from a 24-7 deficit to defeat Cameron Newton and the Carolina Panthers, giving them 7 wins and 10 games. Couple more wins and its playoffs for the Lions.

Temple gets a hard fought win over Wichita State for 3rd place in the the Peurto Rico Tournament followed by Alabama's dismantling of Purdue in the championship game. Led by the high flying MVP Tony Mitchell, Alabama looked impressive and could run the table in the pre-SEC season, even with games coming up vs VCU, Dayton, Georgetown, Kansas State and Oklahoma State.

Finally, we'll add in a Monday night hoops win in come from behind fashion for the CCHS Tigers, rallying from 11 down in the final 4:00, finishing the game on a 21-4 run.

Now if we could just bottle all of this magic, but at some point, the sports flu will hit and all of the things you want to happen, never will. But for now, still time to enjoy the spoils!

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