Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saturday in Reverse....Weel 13

With the 2011 season almost in the books, time to reflect on Saturday's games during a season that has absolutely flown by.

First, LSU turned the switch "on" midway through the second period and dismantled an Arkansas team that had some smooth sailing early in the contest. LSU's reward is a date in the SEC Championship game against resurgent Georgia, who is the only team from the SEC East that did not play the three headed monster of LSU, Alabama or Arkansas during the season. Although UGa has improved during the year, saving Mark Richt's job, I just don't see them matching up well with LSU. They aren't "man enough" to win this kind of game. A good offensive line might let them keep it close for awhile, but then again in this season of upsets, stranger things have happened then having a Georgia beat LSU next week.

As for #2 Alabama, they completely embarrassed their ugly red headed step child neighbors from West Georgia (that would be Auburn) 42-14. Quite frankly, if not for a pair of AJ McCarron and Trey DePriest brain farts, Auburn would not have scored. This is worst then the 36-0 2008 Beatdown in T-Town because this one took place on The Plains. Offensive Genius Gus Malzahn was trying to use 3rd grade, sandlot plays against the best defense in the country. Come on Gus, your better then that. Not even Gene Chizik's Dentist Mock Pullover could save the day. I get the feeling the Fambly will not be All In next year as probably Uncle Gus will bolt town and Ted the Roof is on Fire will probably be axed.

Now the debate centers around should their be a rematch for the BCS Title game. Hands down, Alabama and LSU are the two best teams in the country. Their is not even a close third, as both teams beat #3 Arkansas by 24 points. I've never seen two teams mirror each other quite like this. It may not be fair that LSU has to play another game and Alabama is already in the clubhouse, but that's the system we have, so to quote someone famous, "It is What It Is."

Other Observations....UCLA, the 6-6 Pac 12 South Champs, can just go ahead and fire Rick Nuehisal. Some football monopoly in LA, because that 50-0 nothing beat down was harsh.

Just wondering what all the Priests at Notre Dame think about when Brian Kelly is shown dropping F-Bombs on national TV on a weekly basis??? Next year, for Halloween, I'm going as Brian Kelly's Exploding head.

If you make a coaching mistake when hiring a head coach, it can set your program back light years, especially in a football conference like the SEC. At Tennessee and Florida, we present exhibit A & B. Tennessee, which celebrated like they won an SEC Title last week by squeaking by, with the help of officials, Vandy, went on the road and lost to Kentucky for the first time since 1984. And its not like UK is good and UT is down, this has to be one of the worst UK football teams over the course of those 20+ years, but yet they beat Tennessee. Derek Dooley is in way over his head and sadly it won't be a quick fix in Knoxville. Even when UT has been great, they've had to recruit nationally because the state of Tennessee does not produce the best D-1 talent in the country. Sad times for the Big Orange.

As for Florida, I don't care what kind of eyes Will Muschamp makes, it doesn't overcome the fact that this is a bad football team that is poorly coached. Maybe Urban Meyer didn't recruit the last few years, maybe they were only successful because of Tim Tebow, but whatever the reason, Florida lost 20 yards on a quarterback sneak last night. You can't even do that on a video game if you tried.

And with all the talent in the state of Florida, their is no reason for Miami, Florida State and Florida to be as bad as they are.

Congrats to the winningest senior class in the history of Temple Football for producing another 8 win season. Here is hoping they go bowling this year in North Philly.

As for the Heisman race, I'm bias somewhat but Trent Richardson is hands down the best player in the country. He plays the best competition week in and week out and is a man among boys on the football field. I really hope he wins its but I think their will be to much anti-Alabama/anti-SEC sentiment out their due to the jealousy of the teams/conference success and you have to throw in the Andrew Luck mancrush factor from ESPN that will hurt his chances. But he is one of the best football players I've ever seen in person.

Finally, all those Texas A&M changing the game commercials? What are they changing, moving Ole Miss from 6th to 7th place in the SEC West or are they actually gonna get rid of the motto "Best Team in the Country if the Game was Only 30 Minutes Long"???

Until next week....

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