Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday in Reverse... Week 12

Thanks for playing Oregon, Choklahoma, Clempson and Choklahoma State in the quest for the BCS Title Game. Their will be parting gifts at the door on the way out to second tier bowl purgatory.

Where do we begin... well let's start with Oregon, who dropped a game in stunning fashion to USC. Its not a surprise that USC manned up and beat Oregon but the fact that USC dominated Oregon for long stretches. Then Chip Kelly had a massive clock mis management taking two timeouts with him , I guess now to the Holiday Bowl. All those who said Oregon deserved a rematch with LSU look like fools. Time and time again, when these speed teams from the Pac 12 or Big 12 meet an SEC team, they struggle because the SEC has just as fast and way bigger players. USC comes close to being an SEC team because they can match the speed and size.

Clempson, although what looked like an outside shot for the title game, was dashed by NC State, who has their best player still playing quarterback at Wisconsin. How very Clempson of you to drop this type of game.

As for Okie State, what can you say. They had a 17 point cushion in Ames, Iowa and fell apart to a game Iowa State. The Cyclones, behind some timely turnovers, stayed in the game, forced overtime, and grinded the way to a massive celebration, not only in Ames but also throughout Tuscaloosa and the entire state of Alabama with the exception of Lee County. Odds are the Pokes will never come this close again to a national title game in football and it was all thrown away to a school that saw Gene Chizik produce a 5-19 record at. Its also coached by a former Auburn Def. Coordinator in Paul Rhodes so nice to see Auburn is helping out Alabama.

Choklahoma...another egg laying performance by medium game Bob Stoops as they fall to Baylor. So much for that bedlam series meaning the world in a few weeks in Stillwater.

Les Miles said he would be "onored" to play Alabama again, well outside of an Iron Bowl upset, that dream will come true.

As for the rankings, I'll just use the eyeball test.

#1 LSU
#2 Alabama
#3 Arkansas
#4-#100...118,119 or however many D-1 teams there are- Doesn't matter because the best football outside of the AFC and NFC is played in the upper half of the SEC West. Add in a fourth team and have LSU take on #4 in Dallas and Alabama vs Arkansas rematch in Nashville and have the winners play in New Orleans. You can thank me for solving college football's post season woes later.

Other musings in the week that was....wait, in the words of Lee Corso, ohh F%*# It, Just kidding...

Congrats to the Penn State players on their win over THE Ohio State in the Horseshoe. Its a nice reprieve for the players who didn't ask for any of this and sets up a winner take all showdown for a spot in the Big 10 Title game vs Wisconsin. But it could lead to a situation where PSU collects a Big 10 Championship Trophy that used to have Joe Paterno's name on it.

Can we have SEC Contraction...please Mike Slive. Ole Miss is the worst team ever in the history of this conference. Les Miles took a knee from inside the 5 yard line just to stop from scoring again. That's embarrassing on so many levels but its the second time its happened as Alabama could have punched another TD in the final minutes and refused too. The Admiral Ackbars must go, somewhere, to C-USA or the Sun Belt, I don't care but get them out of here.

Nice win for Virgina over Florida State, setting up a winner take all contest against Va. Tech next week for the right to face Clemson in the ACC Title game. Only thing is, they had to win the game about 4 times in the last 20 seconds thanks to replay.

And thanks to replay, Tennessee eeked out its first SEC win of the year over Vanderbilt, at home, in overtime. Let that sink in for a second. Never mind you I haven't mentioned anything about the Vols celebrating like they won an SEC Title or something. I compared Derek Dooley to Mike Shula, let me apologize to Mike Shula. He was a way better coach then Son of Vince, who is more comparable to Ed Ogeron at Ole Miss.

Congrats to Benard Pierce and Trent Richardson on their record breaking touchdown seasons at Temple and Alabama. Both men are scoring machines. And as far as the Heisman Trophy goes, Trent Richardson has been the most consistent, so at this point he should the top choice then followed by Andrew Luck and take your pick,

Finally, you would think with the growth of soccer in our country that we could find more reliable field goal kickers across the country...just saying.

Until rivalry weekend...enjoy your Turkey Day.

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