Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday in Reverse....Week 11

Halfway through November and we are inching closer to a possible rematch for the national championship, whether that is LSU vs Oregon or LSU vs Alabama, both possibilities became striking closer with Oregon's dismantling of Stanford and Boise State yanking another late season game with poor field goal kicking.

Stanford fans, you can now stop worrying about Alabama staying ahead of you in the BCS poll. Andrew Luck may be a great player, but too bad he doesn't play defense because Oregon shredded the Cardinal at will. Oregon jumped on Stanford early, went for 2 on the first PAT, set a tone where Stanford was playing from behind all night. So even though Brent Mussberger and Kirk Herbstriet had their man crush on Luck busted, he'll probably still win the Heisman because he patted his receiver on the head after his second Pick 6 of the night.

As for LSU and Alabama, both seemed to sleep walk in their respective contests as LSU finally pulled away in their Homecoming win while Alabama gave up a touchdown for the first time in 14 quarters in a 24-7 win at Mississippi State. I also hear Auburn fans rolled Toomer's Corner because Alabama's defense finally gave up a touchdown. We are inching closer to a rematch in the Superdome on Jan 9th. Of course, 9-1 Arkansas still has something to say about this and isn't out of either the SEC or National Title picture yet.

Oklahoma State, on the other hand, dominated Texas Tech and Tommy Tubberville 66-6. And it wasn't even that close. The Pokes, 10-0 for the first time in school history, will have their season defined against Oklahoma on December 3rd. They can score and finally showed they can stop a team that historically has been able to put points on the board.

And to all the Boise State lovers, sorry but they aren't that good and thank goodness for TCU and Gary Patterson for choosing to go for and converting on the 2 point conversion. Boise is a good team and would give any top 10 team fits, but they are not good enough to compete week in and week out against high quality competition. Its not a bad thing, its just a fact. They are a very good program that will always be a notch or two behind the the top 10 teams, but always capable of winning a one game scenario.

Other observations from Saturday...

I saw where Notre Dame calls there we play the worst team that a big time conference has to offer in somewhat of a neutral site so it looks like we're beating a quality team "The Shamrock Series." No this is what its called. Beating Washington State in San Antonio in 2009, Army in Yankee Stadium in 2010 and Maryland in Washington DC in 2011 is an absolute joke. They should be ashamed of playing these games.

Gene Chizik should send Mark Richt a Christmas Card because Georgia could have scored 70 on Auburn but they didn't. Now the Dawgs control their own destiny for a Sugar Bowl Bid if they win out, which includes the SEC Title Game.

Dan Mullen and Gus Malzahn should send Christmas Cards to Tim Tebow and Cameron Newton because both men owe their current and future head coaching positions to these men. These offensive, gurus, geniuses or whatever you want to call them can't score points against good competition without their super star QB's. Both men are frauds.

Tennesse under Derek Dooley looks eerily similar to Alabama under Mike Shula. Just saying...

Finally, as for Penn State, I thought the whole week was sad and disgusting for college football, but more importantly, for those poor children. I will discuss this entire situation in the future when I get more time to express my thoughts about this sick time.

Until Next week....

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