Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saturday in Reverse.... Week 6

Mike Shula, meet Luke Fickell. Luke Fickell, meet Mike Shula. Thats what I see when I watch THE ohio state.

Another week is in the books, which brings us one week closer to November 5th.

LSU and Alabama both are headed on a collision course for a showdown in Tuscaloosa, with the winner at this point primed to face Oklahoma in the BCS Title game. As we hit the half way point of the season, these three teams have seemed to separate themselves from the rest of the undefeated pack, which also includes Wisconsin, Clemson, Ga. Tech, Boise State, Oklahoma State among others. This is not to say for certain that LSU, 'Bama or OU will go unbeaten, but at this point its hard to argue against that.

OU's dismantling of Texas was just as impressive as LSU's blowout wins vs Oregon, West Virginia or Florida and likewise equivalent to Alabama's physical beatdowns of Penn State, Florida & Arkansas. As for everyone else, its unlikely that they could leapfrog these two ('Bama/LSU winner vs OU) unless two of these teams fall. Still alot of football to play though.

Other winners from Saturday: Mark Richt all of a sudden is in the driver's seat in the SEC East. Granted they have to finish a game ahead of USC in the standing's, but they're in a much favorable position then they were a month ago.

Ga. Tech continues to march on to a showdown with Clemson. Both teams have surprised with 6-0 starts, but not that anyone in Atlanta notices with the thousands of empty seats at Bobby Dodd Stadium.

Arkansas kept hopes of a BCS Bowl game alive dismantling Auburn at home. They really need LSU to beat 'Bama & then beat LSU in the Boot Game in November.

Congrats to Temple's Benard Pierce on breaking Paul Palmer's career rushing touchdown record. Little known fact that Palmer finished 2nd in the Heisman Trophy voting in 1986 to Vinny Testaverde.

Saturday's Losers: Florida State falling to Wake Forest. All of a sudden Jimbo has problems with a 2-3 record. What made the loss worst for FSU was that Tim Duncan and Chris Paul didn't even dress out for the Deacons.

Florida losing by 30 LSU and it wasn't even that close. Now they get to play at Auburn after dropping 2 straight. Good luck with that.

Mack Brown who must of fed his team corndogs before the game vs OU. I wonder if this Texas loss can be blamed on Colt McCoy's injury.

Quarterback Play: You mean Florida, Auburn, Penn State and Texas can't find good quarterbacks??? Isn't this the year of the quarterback on ESPN with Trent Dilfer crying cause he can't take more then 11 at the Elite 11 Bacherlotte style elimination quarterback high school ESPN program. Again, for all the 7 on 7, film study and everything else, its amazing that some of these teams don't have one guy that can competently play the position. I don't understand the bad QB play across the nation.

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