Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday in Reverse.... Week 7

With the first BCS standings set to be released this evening, the slow countdown to November 5th moves forward as LSU and Alabama continue their physical beat downs and embarrass their foes on a weekly basis.

Try as they might, these poor teams like Florida and now Tennessee that face this SEC West duo in back to back weeks become walking M*A*S*H* units. Florida still hasn't recovered and poor Derek Dooley has to march into Bryant-Denny Stadium next week wondering how many points his mentor Nick Saban will lay on him.

Poor Ole Miss needs another off week, especially the Rebel safety who was victimized on back to back possessions by an L1/R2 move by Trent Richardson and then stiff armed by Jalston Fowler on the next. If not for 2 holding calls on William Valachos and the Tide taking a knee on its last possession, the Vaught-Hemingway scoreboard would have hit 70 on the visitor's side.

LSU and Alabama are not perfect teams, they each have flaws such as Alabama's kick-off team and tendency to give up big plays early in the game. But their is no doubt that each of these teams, when they turn into that BeastMode mentality, cannot be stopped. Let the game of the century hype begin.

As for the rest of Saturday...

Only a 6-0 Ron Zook team could get beat by an Ohio State team that completed 1 pass.... Clemson escapes College Park with a 56-45 win over some team that wears uniforms from "Any Given Sunday" otherwise known as Maryland. So does that mean Temple would win the ACC and beat Clemson by 20 points????....Ga. Tech takes its traditional stumble against lesser competition by falling to Virginia...Awesome win by UAB over Meeechigan, oh wait, that was Michigan State dressed as UAB for Halloween...And finally, have they discounted the cable/satellite upgrade for the Longhorn Network yet???

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