Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday in Reverse...Week 5

NAPA Know How, NAPA Know How. Yeah its a terrible commercial jingle, but one thing is certain, Nick Saban knows how to silence a hostile, Saturday night crowd. Alabama physically manhandled Florida for a 3rd consecutive year, beating down the Gators by 28 and it could have been worst. The Tide defense stuffed Florida repeatedly after being burned on some bad secondary technique on the games first play. Offensive guru Charlie Weis, he who routinely was defeated by Syracuse, UConn, Navy & Air Force while in South Bend, was befuddled. (Anybody in Gainesville want Dan Mullen back now???) Tide OC Jim McElwain called a masterful game, keeping Florida off balance on first down by routinely calling for passes. The end result is 'Bama has some smooth sailing on the way to its November showdown with LSU, who sleepwalked through a 35-7 win over Kentucky and take on the Gators next.

As for 'Bama's opponent last week, Arkansas looked dead in the water in Jerry World against future SEC foe Texas A&M. The Aggies had a 18 point lead and seemed in control, until they took a page from the LeBron James playbook and decided to only play 3 quarters in Dallas. Now Mike Sherman is sure to feel some heat after blowing huge 2nd half leads the last 2 weeks.

Most unexpected result of the day was not Auburn beating South Carolina, but the fact that Auburn won not in a shootout, but in a defensive struggle. Steve Spurrier is generally considered the 2nd best coach in the history of the SEC behind Bear Bryant, but the recognition is in serious jeopardy after being outcoached by Auburn DC Ted Roof. After all this carnage yesterday, the most certain thing is the SEC West is way better then whoever the sacrificial lamb that arrives out of the East in Atlanta on December 3rd.

Saddest result from yesterday is the lack of quality QB play across the nation. Some of these guys have played Gods Gift to Football, 7 on 7 pass camps, for years, but teams like Indiana, Ohio State, Michigan State, Penn State, South Carolina, Auburn, Florida don't have a quarterback who can make simple plays. Its embarrassing to see teams with 4 and 5 star recruits at that position that can't generate a 100 yards passing. And we're not talking about wishbone teams, we're talking about some of these teams running the greatest offensive invention ever, THE SPREAD!!! I'm just thankful that I still cheer for a team that physically dominates its opponent and plays old school, fundamental football.

Other teams that impressed: Clemson getting it done on the road at Va. Tech. Dat Boy Dabo did it again! Russel Wilson has added a dimension to Wisconsin that makes them a legit national title contender, but only if 2 of the top 3 ahead of them lose a game. Ga. Tech continues to romp to victories with its flexbone. And Pitt had a nice win against USF on Thursday. Sorry Notre Dame, but until you beat a legit opponent, you won't get mentioned here and sadly you won't play a ranked team the rest of the year.

Teams that looked horrible. THE ohio state university, less the 200 yards of offense. Penn State needing to knock down a Hail Mary to hold off, ahem, Indiana, a team that had lost to North Texas & Ball State. Mississippi State again lays an egg and now heads to Legion Field to face UAB. If they lose that came, the SEC needs contraction, ASAP.

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