Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday in Reverse.... Week 8

Let the Super Bowl hype for November 5th begin...

Once again, from the redundancy department, Alabama and LSU take care of business to move to 8-0, setting up a colossal showdown in Tuscaloosa in 2 weeks. Tuscaloosa was a mad house Saturday night for the Tide's 5th straight win over the Vols and it will double in magnitude with LSU's raucous fan base coming to town.

Even though we're only 11 years in to it, this is this century's Game of the Century. Both teams have been top 5 the entire year, dismantling opponents in similar fashion and now each have a bye week before this match up. Unprecedented in my lifetime for this perfect storm of circumstances. ESPN and CBS are arguing over who gets to broadcast this game, searching to some sort of settlement on the matter that should happen early this week. College Gameday will start broadcasting on site, Thursday on Sportscenter, 2 days before this game.

Sidenote, Alabama has never beaten a #1 ranked team in Tuscaloosa!

As for a chaotic Saturday, Wisconsin and Oklahoma were the biggest losers, falling to Michigan State and Texas Tech. Tommy Tubberville gets is biggest win as a Red Raider while Boise State, Stanford and Clemson are the biggest beneficiaries of Sparty's Hail Mary vs Wisky. Boise got by Air Force, Stanford ran roughshod over Washington while Clemson's road to an undefeated season seems to get easier each week, with Ga. Tech faltering and South Carolina losing Lattimore, the Tigers may run the table.

Notre Dame's BCS hopes have been dashed, at the hands of Lane Kiffin and USC. Guess they can gear up to beat Navy now for only the 2nd time in 5 years.

Other Observations.... Roz Zook pulled another Zooker.... Why does Gene Chizik continue to wear a dentist's smock outfit on the sideline....Will Barbara Dooley yell at anyone for criticizing her son's ridiculous 4th down gamble in a one possession game vs Alabama???...Finally, Has any coach ever benefited more from one player then Gus Malzahn? Dude's offense has been pretty regular of late, winning games by scoring only 17 points because South Carolina had a drunk quarterback playing and Florida couldn't field a punt, sandwiched around a 14 point effort vs Arkansas and 3 meaningful points in Baton Rouge???... Until next week....

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