Sunday, October 30, 2011

Saturday in Reverse... Week 9

With this being Halloween weekend, let's start by raising the dead.

To begin with, all those who had Penn State as the only undefeated team remaining in the Big 10 at this point, step to the front of the line. The Lions who looked completely manhandled and over matched against Alabama, managed to escape with wins at Temple and Indiana, can't settle on a quarterback, go through 15 chains of commands just to get a play called, are sitting pretty for a division championship, with Wisconsin dropping a second game in conference to Ohio State. I'll be the first to admit criticizing the Lions, as have many of their fans about the team and coaching staff, but bottom line, they are 8-1 (greatly helping Alabama's strength of schedule). Dare I say PSU and Rose Bowl???

Part 2, its Mark Richt that has risen from the ashes to put the Georgia Bulldogs in contention in the SEC East. Hands down, UGA has benefitted from not having Arkansas, Alabama and LSU on the schedule, but they didn't pick the schedule. They are winning and need to win out (toughest game is Auburn in Athens) and hope South Carolina falls to Arkansas or Florida. Sounds like contract extension time in Georgia.

Part 3, the ghosts of imcopentcy that is Vanderbilt and Duke football. Both teams were in prime position to upset Arkansas and Va. Tech. Both games were the old Jefferson Pilot ACC/SEC Game of the Week going on simultaneously, with Upset Dave Neal calling the Vandy game and Tim Brandt doing honors on the ACC side. Within moments of each other, things went down the tube for both teams.

Vandy, up 8 with a first and goal, fumbles and allows Arky to return the fumble 94 yards for a game tying TD. Worst case fo Vandy is they don't score and miss a chip shot FG, but inexplicably, everything that can go wrong, does. Vandy then missed a 27 yard FG to tie the game. Classic Vandy!

As for Duke, a 14-10 lost saw Duke miss 3 field goals, two of those being chip shots with one coming with about 6:00 left that would have pulled the Devils within a point. But in typical Duke style, the Devils drove inside the Hokie 25, facing a 4th and short situation in the final minutes, called a play action bootleg pass where the tight end and full back banged in to each other, allowing neither to get out on the pass route. Classic Duke.

Other musings...

Long live Ga. Tech and its flexbone offense, as Clemson stumbles again in the ATL. Paul Johnson doesn't need play charts, billboard size play cards, he does it all off the top of his head. Pure old school beauty.

Andrew Luck may have won the Heisman with his performance vs USC, meanwhile typical Lane Kiffin whines on about officiating.

Congrats to Notre Dame for beating Navy for the second time in 5 years.

Nice typical big win let down by Texas Tech, getting pummeled by Iowa State.

Really Ohio State, storming the field for a win over # 15 Wisconsin???

Nice to see Texas A&M and Mizzou are already battling it out for 5th place or who can finish ahead of Ole Miss/Miss. State.

Until football Armageddon next week....

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